Our Ethos

NB21c is a private resource for Social Entrepreneurs and Social Enterprises of all sizes and stages of development to provide understanding and knowledge and to work with people and organisations to solve practical problems.

We strongly believe that successful Social Entrepreneurs and Social Enterprises are fundamental to the transformation of communities and society generally.

We are unrelenting in our desire to stay abreast of commercial, social, cultural and economic change and incorporate its impact in our services and the work we do.

We celebrate excellence in others and willingly bring their good practice back into our work and practices to disseminate it to others so all can benefit.

We are proud to work with all elements of society and we embrace diversity and value difference.

We show adaptability, rigour and flexibility in identifying, understanding and meeting the needs of clients and everyone we work with.

We respect and value the contributions of others.

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Clients we've worked for - BNFL - Carillion - RSPCA - The National Trust