About nb21c

NB21c has evolved naturally over the years from Realize and cohesively from the backgrounds and experiences of the partners who bring together substantial portfolios of relevant expertise.

Realize was established by Nigel Catterson in the late 1990’s to provide services to a wide range of clients who wanted to explore new ways of working and discover new social and social enterprise solutions to traditional problems. It was established as an umbrella organisation for those professionals in the area of consulting, training and facilitation who had grown weary of conventional approaches. Realize sought to be aligned only with those who were prepared to ‘walk their talk’ and who were a living example of what they taught. It worked with a wide range of clients from international service industries, local government, HE sector, voluntary services and programs for disaffected young people.

Bill Dodd, who with Nigel is a driving force behind NB21c, brings his own empathetic ‘brand’ of ethical commercialism which has been created and amassed working with principled individuals and companies in the UK and around the world in the fields of community service provision, innovation, image/brand creation, creative arts, enterprise services, performance arts and project development. Starting in the 1970’s Bill has worked with many social enterprises and community projects, often on a pro bono basis, and is currently Non-Executive Director with one of the UK’s leading housing associations