Bill Dodd

Bill DoddBill Dodd has a 30 year history of running successful mid-sized commercial enterprises in the roles of Managing Partner/ Finance Director/Chief Executive/Chairman whilst working very often at the same time in commercial enterprise support and accounting. He is and has been involved in setting up and/or running many SME enterprises in a number of industry sectors very successfully and is innovation fuelled and market driven.

In Cumbria, he was founder of Dodd & Co, Chartered Accountants, Chairman and CEO of Lilliput Lane Group (the County's fastest expanding company in the 1980's) and co-founder of Manchester Chartered Accountants, Christian Douglass, who opened an office in Carlisle in 2006 and is and is currently Non-Executive Director for Copeland Homes, within the Home Group, one of the UK's leading Housing Associations.

Bill Dodd brings his own empathetic 'brand' of ethical, 'joined up' commercialism which has been created and amassed working with principled individuals and companies in the UK and around the world in the fields of community service provision, innovation, image/brand creation, creative arts, enterprise services, performance arts and project development. Starting in the 1970's Bill has worked with many social enterprises and community projects, often on a pro bono basis.

What he brings to any business are strong personal attributes of 'straightforwardness', compassion, integrity, independence of mind and spirit and a huge range of diverse and relevant commercial and personal experience.

He has a passionate interest in communities coming together to provide unique and exciting solutions and believes that the principles of social enterprise supporting the intuitive and creative process within communities will provide endurable solutions that no government is capable of.

In recent years Bill has given a lot of his time to mentoring and developing young entrepreneurs and has undertaken projects linked to both further education establishments and entrepreneur clubs.