Nigel Catterson

Nigel Catterson has a wide-ranging background with 40 years experience of working in both the voluntary and private sectors, spending 17 years of this working closely with the public sector.

His early career was rooted in working for, and with, charitable organisations providing professional services to clients. The overall levels of efficiency and competence generally found in this sector eventually caused him to try his hand in the private sector in the commercial world. Here he established and successfully ran a number of significantly sized retail businesses. At the same time he developed a training and facilitation business working with a range of clients from multi-nationals to the education sector.

Over the past 17years he has been responsible for co-founding, developing and chairing, a number of environmentally focused organisations that deliver services to businesses and the wider community.
Nigel has a talent for innovation and realising opportunities. He conceived of a unique major initiative that he is now working with others to bring into realisation. He is also currently working on a significant scheme to harvest tidal energy and create substantial regional economic regeneration.

Nigel has a very significant interest in developing ways to release potential within situations as well as within the individual and believes that humanity now stands on the brink of globally realising our latent potential. He is studied in the wisdom of indigenous peoples from around the world and is passionate about helping others achieve balance in their lives.

For Nigel the ‘box’ doesn’t exist. He believes that our horizons are limited only by our imaginations and our ability to realise our dreams. He does not think that the world should ever be passively accepted as it is but that it should be actively created as we would all choose it to be.