Soo Redshaw

Soo encourages people to reflect and think critically about their current context.

She believes that in order to get the most effective results the right relationship needs to be created. This ensures both motivation and sustainable learning. Her style is adaptable and flexible, using experiential and theoretical methods to create a bespoke blend for each client.

Her eclectic background has taken her to all 7 continents for both work and play. She has focussed on collecting experience with a diverse range of client groups – from public to private and voluntary to statutory, chief executive to trainee; in short she works with all people within organisations.

She is currently working on a 50% contract with the Centre for Excellence in Leadership, with a national focus on strategic leadership in the Learning and Skills Sector. Other corporate clients include Cranfield School of Management, British Aerospace, Hilton Group, Nichols Project Management Consultancy.

She recently piloted and facilitated work with young leaders to explore living in a multicultural community. She volunteers time as a trustee to a national youth organisation and she is a member of a national steering group for values (spiritual) work with young people.
She also makes the time to play, to maintain balance in her life, and is a keen gardener and mountaineer.