Entepreneurial and Enterprising Solutions for all

NB21c specialises in working with others to develop entrepreneurial and enterprising solutions to provide best service provision, asset utilisation and pro-active community involvement.

Through the policies and aspirations of Central Government and society generally, more and more innovative and lively ways are being created in which social entrepreneurs and local communities can be involved in providing local government and community services.

This exciting process is gathering pace and is becoming deeply rooted throughout central government offices, local government organisations and main service providers like NHS, Social Services, Education and Environment providing many opportunities by inviting proposals for new and innovative ways of service provision, asset utilisation and community support. Not only is the result very focussed and effective service provision, communities are really involved in decisions affecting them and the provision of the services they actually want and need.

NB21c works with (a) local government, main service providers and NGO’s to provide new thinking and to devise enterprising solutions and (b) with social entrepreneurs to develop sustainable social enterprises and providing ‘business transfer’ solutions.

Stakeholder structures and reporting