Enterprise reviews, feasibility studies, business transfers & re-structuring

We basically offer two ‘types’ of review and both can be tailored to specific purposes or circumstances (1) General Review and (2) Fundamental ‘root and branch’ reviews, feasibility studies, business transfers and re-structuring

1. General Review

This service provides established social enterprises with a thorough assessment of their business and business needs both now and into the future. We provide a detailed assessment , which we discuss and agree with you, and, as required, detailed action plans for the future, again discussed and agreed. Delivered by a team of qualified specialists all of whom have had many years experience of developing and running business enterprises, the General Review covers key areas, including:

  • business planning and strategy
  • performance review and key performance indicators
  • financial review, funding strategy and investment readiness
  • achievement of overall objectives
  • stakeholder, community and partner relations
  • governance and accountability
  • operations and day-to-day management
  • people management and development
  • brand, image, marketing and publicity
  • tendering and procurement

2. Fundamental ‘Root And Branch’ Reviews, Feasibility Studies, Business Transfers and Re-Structuring

We include the following reviews in this section:

  • Reviews where it is necessary to fundamentally relate the original objectives of an enterprise against what has been achieved with a view towards major change or re-alignment
  • Feasibility studies to expand or contract an enterprise or to diversify or to take on a significant new project or direction
  • The transfer of one or more service sectors from within a social enterprise into stand alone, independently funded, Social Enterprises.

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