We are committed to working alongside all of our clients to provide sustainable solutions to all problems, issues and challenges across the whole social enterprise business spectrum. We will support you and work with you to deliver the ‘triple bottom line’ by expanding the traditional reporting framework to take into account environmental and social performance in addition to financial performance.

Our team of compassionate professionals delivers a value driven fusion of thoroughly practical advice and programs with contemporary leading edge concepts and thinking.

From the excitement and trepidation of start-up, very often involving only one or two people, through all stages of growth and development on into large enterprises, we work closely with our clients to develop meaningful and successful relationships.

Enterprises go through many stages in their lifetimes and we offer a range of services relevant to every stage and to many operational functions and development areas within the business. We believe in continual innovation and renewal, assisting your social enterprise to develop improved ways of fulfilling its social objectives.

Our fees will always be discussed, agreed and mutually monitored to provide both value for money and corresponding incremental value to your social objectives. Getting together to discuss requirements and the initial scoping meeting are always free of charge.

NB21c (Social Enterprise) Limited is a Social Enterprise.


  1. Planning
  2. Start-up
  3. Ongoing operations
  4. Training and facilitation
  5. Enterprise reviews, feasibility studies, business transfers & re-structuring
  6. Entepreneurial and Enterprising Solutions for all
  7. Stakeholder structures and reporting
  8. Environmental and ethical assessment and reporting
  9. Social project conception and development