Ongoing Operations

Whatever the size, and potential size, of the social enterprise you are involved with, many of the business considerations and development and operational issues are exactly the same in essence and, in appreciating that, you are well on the way to being very successful. We offer proactive and empathetic advice in all the following practical areas of running and developing a successful enterprise:

  • Financial and management systems including PAYE and VAT support
  • Minimising Risk and Contingency Planning – both personal and business risk and planning for business continuity and disaster recovery.
  • Crisis management support – whatever and wherever the crisis we are ready to the provide support to help you get through it.
  • Brand strategy and image development with communication and PR systems
  • Sales, services and marketing strategies and plans – to develop people, opportunities and systems to reach your market effectively and maximise potential
  • Ongoing training, development and team building – specific and tailored programs as required – and providing Non-Executive Directors as required.

Training and facilitation